Be Creative (Craft)



  • Coats Cotton
  • Coats Duet
  • Coats Nylbond
  • Coats Dual Duty For Hand Quilting Madeira Rayon No 40
  • Madeira Metallics
  • King Tut For Machine Quilting
  • DMC Embroidery Silks
  • DMC/Anchor Perle



Rather than stocking one standard range of ribbons, we try to stock an ever changing variety which, are ideal for weddings, card-making, embroidery, wrapping presents and the more traditional use of tying-up hair.

As well as the usual satin ribbons we stock a wide range of organza (sheers) which range from 3mmwide to ‘Snow Sheer’ at 300mm wide which is available in a wide range of colours and is ideal for tying large bows and can be used for chair decorations/pew ends at weddings.

We will always try to source ribbon in any colour or width you require.



‘’It’s like a pick and mix sweet shop’’

We stock a wide selection of colours, sizes and shapes and you can buy as few or many as you need. We sell them separately or in mixed button packs.

Remember, by changing the buttons on a garment you are making it totally unique. Buttons can also be used to make unusual jewellery, which is comfortable to wear and made very quickly.

Sari Ribbon

One of Christine’s favourite products. What looks like an untidy bundle is actually strips of recycled sari silk which can be stitched, knitted, crocheted or woven. She makes book covers and bags from the lengths of silk incorporating free machining and hand stitching and also runs classes on how to make them.

There are too many items in the shop to list here so come and visit us and be inspired.